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Nicole, 18. Depression, anxiety, mental health advocate. Quotes, art, pictures, and anything I find enjoyable.

Day 31: Where I am now 

I’m struggling today. It was hard to muster up the smile for this photo or to go through my routine. Some things felt monumentally difficult, but I’m a fighter, so I refused to let it get the best of me. 

I’ve been extremely worried lately about what my therapist told me at my last appointment with her, almost two weeks ago. I told her I’ve been in this dreamlike state constantly for a while, with periods when I’ll stare into space and come out of it, but I can’t pinpoint when these periods begin and end. She told me they could be silent seizures. She’s no doctor, but she works with doctors who see this kind of thing happen. I go to my doctor tomorrow and I’m worried about it. What will happen? What do I do?  What if it’s something worse? I know I’m probably overthinking things but I can’t really help it. I’m concerned for my health at this point. I’ve had trouble spelling things and focusing. I cant count how many mistakes I’ve had to correct just typing this

Anyway, thanks you guys for following my 100 reasons to recover photo challenge these past 31 days =)